Heavenly Bride is free to read for the most part, but you have to have a website account to see it. I have my reasons.

How much you can read depends on what membership level you have:

  • Cerberus Pup: FREE! You can read up to a certain point and get all the wallpapers you want from the wallpaper gallery. With each new book that is released, I free up more pages for you to read.
  • Cerberus Candidate: $5 a month, you can read each new page as it comes out, get all the wallpapers you want, and read any side stories I hopefully will produce.

Heavenly Bride's rate of production depends on how much money I have each month. The more commissions I have to take on to pay the bills, the less time I have to work on Bride. The more support Bride gets each month, the less I have to take on commissions and the more time I have to work on Bride. It's kind of like a trickle down economy except it really does work this way.

I highly encourage readership participation and input! This also fuels the artist in her creative endeavors.

If you've come to this page while reading along, you've probably hit an area you are not allowed to read for some reason. Sorry about that!