I want so much to be able to put out the next page of Heavenly Bride. I was really working on it and then Charlie froze and took all my work with him. Since then the financial situation here hasn’t given me time to rest (again). I mean, sure I was able to back off some on one of my jobs the other day… that was 24 hours before my husband was supposed to get his first paycheck.

He, ah, didn’t get his first paycheck. To be precise, the company doesn’t know where the money is. It was supposed to go to a stupid prepaid credit card the company gave him. There’s nothing. He’s been waiting on an email from the payroll department, as if that’s going to happen in time. In the meantime I haven’t paid the house payment, the electricity, you name it. I’m sitting here in a perpetual panic attack. Again. Working over 12 hours a day trying to make *something*. Again. No time to write. Again. In tears? Yes. Again.

I’m not asking for money, although that would be great. No… if you’re a Heavenly Bride reader one thing that would help out is if you would promote our gofundme page that I started a while back trying to circumvent some of these problems. To be honest, between my family and my husband’s larger family the only people that have shared the gofund me have been my parents and 2 or 3 friends. That’s it. So I’m turning to you guys. Because if some guy making potato salad can get money thrown at him, I just don’t understand why a veteran who used to guard our country against invasion shouldn’t get… I dunno.. more than an empty “thank you for your service” when we call the electric company begging for more time.

The gofundme page is here.

Oh, the graphic? I made this when I was developing Tellon’s wings for that last page. I just didn’t want him to be the feathered angelic dude everyone else is. He needed leather. So here’s a wallpaper for you. Two versions this time, in case you’re still using a short screen.