I thought it would be nice if I showed you what was going on considering I’ve been silent for so long. Well, part of my silence is that my husband retired a couple of weeks ago and uh… as of today there is *no* cash flow coming into the house. I mean, none. Today would normally be payday? There is no pay. I don’t make hardly any money anymore, so I’m kind of sitting here going “crap how am I going to pay for the house… the car…. food…”

But I’ve been working on The Heavenly Bride anyway! The flight hangar is done and I thought you’d like to see my preliminary render, the one that becomes art on the page. It’s real rough looking, I know, but this is because I’m not depending on it to be my final art. Hoozah! That little round thing up there on the cliff is the hangar. My next task is to zoom in and place about a dozen characters inside. Some have already been made. Some still have to be created.

Fortunately the ones still in creation limbo aren’t major ones. This may be the only time I use them! No wait, there are a few other scenes coming.

Flight Hangar